The Capital Foundation, through the Renaissance Charitable Gift Fund, Inc. ("The Foundation"), provides a means by which concerned charitable donors can develop a responsible plan for giving. If you are a thoughtful donor who is looking for a way to give more to causes that are important to you, you will want to consider the advantages of establishing a donor-advised family fund with The Capital Foundation, Inc.

The Foundation (through Renaissance Charitable Gift Fund, Inc.) is a tax-exempt public charity that allows donors to make contributions of cash or appreciated assets to The Foundation, which then manages and invests the assets in a donor-advised family fund.

The Foundation offers numerous advantages to the donor, including:

  • An immediate tax deduction is available to the donor when a contribution is accepted by The Foundation;
  • The donor may contribute appreciated assets, thereby avoiding capital gains;
  • The donor has the opportunity to make grant recommendations in connection with charitable gifts from the donor-advised fund;
  • The donor may recommend grants to multiple charities;
  • The donor fund may request anonymity in connection with recommended charitable grants from donor-advised fund;
  • No tax reporting by the donor;
  • Donated assets may appreciate in value after their transfer to The Foundation;
  • The donor may recommend an investment advisor to manage the assets in donor-advised fund;
  • The Foundation represents a cost-effective alternative to creating a private foundation.
Forms Required for Community Foundation Transfer

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