1. High commission payouts with minimum break points.
  2. Trail commissions paid on all applicable mutual funds.
  3. Comprehensive, reasonably priced, E & O insurance with a Deductible Reinsurance Policy.
  4. Comprehensive insurance and estate planning services with high payouts.
  5. Ample product list.
  6. Efficient, fast, trading and clearing services provided by Pershing.
  7. Professional, courteous home office staff resulting in minimal problems and quick solutions.
  8. You determine customer commission rates, from discount to full-service.
  9. Comparatively low clearing charges from Pershing.
  10. Complete equity and fixed income trading services through Pershing.
  11. $100 million of customer brokerage account protection with Pershing.
  12. Automatic sweeps in customer brokerage accounts by Pershing.
  13. Cash Management Accounts (CMA's) and FREE checking services at Pershing..
  14. Easy to understand monthly customer brokerage account statements.
  15. Inexpensive, self-directed IRA's at Pershing.
  16. Proven cost cutting measures when starting up your own branch.
  17. Signature guarantee capabilities for qualified branch managers.
  18. Annual compliance meetings.
  19. Monthly sales calls concentrating on sales and marketing.
  20. Revitalizing national sales conferences with Continuing Education.
  21. Annual production awards/recognition for top sales representatives.
  22. "In-the-field" sales training and assistance.
  23. Assistance with practice management.
  24. Seminars for brokers to expand their business.
  25. Social media outlets & training to keep your name in front of your peers and customers.
  26. Informative monthly newsletters and research from CIG and Pershing..
  27. In-house professional due diligence supplemented by outside counsel.
  28. Home or branch office training classes for your support staff.
  29. Fast service on your securities license transfer if eligible for "TAT".
  30. 48-hour turn-around on compliance approval for seminars, radio shows, articles.
  31. 24-hour compliance approval on business cards, stationary, and signs.
  32. Portfolio monitoring, risk or asset allocation reports, practice management, financial planning and portfolio performance reports via your computer.
  33. Internet access to Pershing for all "back office" needs.
  34. Aggregation tools from industry leaders.
  35. Comprehensive web site that describes all aspects of Capital Investment Companies.
  36. Money Management programs offering various national recognized managers.
  37. The Ensemble Platform which is comprised of eight different companies/divisions to cross-market and grow your business.
  • Capital Insurance Affiliates - a full service insurance division with estate planning expertise.
  • Capital Advisers - an asset allocation program using no-load mutual funds, load funds at NAV, ETF's and Separate Account Managers.
  • Capital Mortgage Associates - helps your clients finance or refinance their homes.
  • The Capital Foundation - an organization that addresses individual charitable concerns while enjoying financial advantages of tax-exempt status.
  • Capital Investment Advisory Services - Comprehensive "rep-as-manager" platform with low-priced models to meet your clients' needs.
  • Capital's Trust Services - fiduciary services from a single source to meet any of your clients' estate planning needs.
  • Capital Bank Partners - we help "bridge-the-gap" between banking and investments for our banks' customers.

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